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Call for Comments: IEEE Brain Initiative Roadmap Whitepaper

Future Neural Therapeutics White Paper

The IEEE Brain Initiative announced the publication of a white paper identifying key challenges and advances required to successfully develop next generation closed-loop neurotechnologies. The paper entitled, "Future Neural Therapeutics: Closed-Loop Control of Neural Activity Technology Roadmap White Paper, Version 1," is available for download on the IEEE Brain web portal.  Feedback is currently being accepted.

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Feature Article

Updated Guidelines Identify Trends for the Development of Electronic Devices and Systems

by Kathy Pretz

Institute Sept2019

New IRDS chapters cover quantum information processing, semiconductors, and smart manufacturing

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Technology Spotlight

2019 Heterogenous Integration Roadmap (HIR) Identifies Long-Term Technology Requirements to Inspire Collaboration in the Electronics Industry

HIR logo

The HIR defines future trends of electronics innovation to accelerate progress and advance technology for the benefit of humanity!

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Download the roadmap on the EPS/HIR page

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