The IEEE Technology Roadmaps Committee (IRC) was created in 2018. Overseen by the IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB) and supported by IEEE Future Directions, IRC is working to provide guidance and infrastructure to support technology roadmap activities across the IEEE.

The growing interest in technology roadmaps spans a wide range of IEEE organizational units. IRC seeks to enable the success of IEEE’s roadmap activities by leveraging the expertise of experienced roadmap developers to create tools and templates and document a high level roadmap development process to assist new roadmaps.

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What is a technology roadmap?

The purpose of a technology roadmap is to stimulate an industry-wide dialogue to address the many facets and challenges of the development and implementation of an emerging technology in a well-coordinated and comprehensive manner. The roadmap is crafted by experts from industry, government, and academia and is designed to help guide operators, regulators, manufacturers, researchers, and other relevant parties involved in developing these new technology ecosystems by laying out a technology-focused roadmap with key timeline horizons.

A roadmap is a peer-reviewed and published report that is usually available in digital and printed formats. Depending on the scope of the roadmap, this document can include multiple chapters as well as an Executive Summary to showcase the content included within.

Roadmaps provide key insights into where research is leading technological development, which can be referenced by industry in planning out development projects and investments in order to meet technological goals. Roadmaps are periodically updated in accordance with new research and developments made in the technological space.

IEEE is fundamentally and critically placed to bring together key industry, government, and academia members to foster a holistic view of the development of a technology.


IEEE Technology Roadmaps Committee (IRC) Goals and Objectives

 The IEEE Technology Roadmaps Committee (IRC) seeks to support IEEE (technology) roadmap activities through:

  • Building an IEEE roadmaps infrastructure, including the creation of policies, procedures and guidelines to aid in roadmap development.
  • The formation of the Roadmaps User Group (IRUG):
    • A congenial environment to discuss common challenges, goals and objectives;
    • An experienced team of roadmap developers making their expertise available to others via the creation of common methodologies and best practices.
  • Developing roadmap templates and checklists
  • Centralizing and improving distribution of completed roadmaps


IEEE Technology Roadmaps Steering Committee (IRC)

Bruce Kraemer Committee Chair
Rakesh Kumar Committee Vice Chair
Tom Coughlin Voting Member
Stephen Dukes Voting Member
Witold Kinsner Voting Member
Mario Milicevic Voting Member
Murty Polavarapu Voting Member
Fred Schindler Voting Member
Victor Veliadis Voting Member
Dominik Boesl Non-Voting Member
Max Cortner Non-Voting Member
Gordon MacPherson Non-Voting Member
Andrew Popper Non-Voting Member
Mary Ward-Callan Non-Voting Member

IEEE Roadmaps User Group (IRUG)

Bruce Kraemer Committee Chair
Rakesh Kumar Committee Vice Chair
Chris Bailey IRUG Member
Marc Beebe IRUG Member
Dominik Boesl IRUG Member
Liuchen Chang IRUG Member
Chi-Ming Chen IRUG Member
William Chen IRUG Member
Thomas Conte IRUG Member
Stephen Dukes IRUG Member
Ashutosh Dutta IRUG Member
Shaikh Fattah IRUG Member
Paolo Gargini IRUG Member
Lou Gullo IRUG Member
Amr Helmy IRUG Member
Rose Hu IRUG Member
Mike Kelly IRUG Member
Brian Kirk IRUG Member
Bruce Kraemer IRUG Member
Timothy Lee IRUG Member
Narendra Mangra IRUG Member
Mario Milicevic IRUG Member
Grace O'Malley IRUG Member
Randi Sumner IRUG Member
Adrian Stoica IRUG Member
Jan van Erp IRUG Member
Jose (Pepe) Contreras-Vidal IRUG Member
Dylan Williams IRUG Member
Peter Wilson IRUG Member
Georges Zissis IRUG Member

IEEE Roadmaps Staff Support

Bill Tonti IRC/IRUG Staff Support
Kathy Grise IRC/IRUG Staff Support
Katherine Mansfield IRC/IRUG Staff Support